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Bead Cruise

March 21, 2014 - March 29, 2014


Autumn Dreams
Instructor Leslie Frazier
Technique: Bead weaving, combination herringbone and peyote
Skill: Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required
Kit: $50 to $70

A trio of oak leaves join to form a triangular centerpiece, accented with three charming bead-woven acorns.  The sculptural leaves are formed with a unique variation of herringbone stitch combined with peyote stitch.  The necklace is a fast version of spiraling herringbone, and is fastened with a fourth acorn. It's intermediate to advanced, using herringbone variations, peyote stitch, square stitch and round right-angle weave.

This project may not be completed during class.

Estrellita Pendant
Instructor: Leslie Frazier
Technique: Bead Weaving
Skill: Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required
Kit: $30

The Estrellita (little star) begins with a series of five tiny star shapes joined at the side points.  A 3mm bicone crystal forms the top point and when all five stars come together, the crystals sparkle at the center.  After the tiny stars are joined, longer points are added to each one, terminating with another crystal at each point.  A second layer of five tiny star shapes is woven into the large star shape, giving it a dimensional quality, and an 8mm bicone is woven into the center for even more sparkle. The star-shaped beadwoven bail allows the pendant to be worn with a ribbon, chain or necklace of your choice.

Cascading Leaves 
Instructor: Leslie Frazier
Skill:  Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required
Technique: Bead Weaving,  Herringbone and fringe.
4 hour class, optional class fee $65.
Kit fee: $50.00

Learn a new variation of herringbone stitch, as you weave up to five sizes of leaves, from the smallest, just over an inch, to the largest two-inch leaf. They are tapered at the tip, and cup dramatically. The leaves will be attached as the lariat is woven, creating a graceful leaf fringe at each end. The netted lariat features hundreds of 3mm faceted firepolished beads and drapes beautifully, irresistible to the touch. This monochromatic design has high impact without being heavy.  One end can be looped over the other, or the leaves can be interlaced with the netting.  While it's unlikely to be finished in one day, you will have a full understanding of all the information and skills necessary to complete this design.

This project may not be completed during class.


Sunday, June 1 B141640 Trumpet Flower Garland Necklace

Monday , June 2 B141630 Vernal Ripples Necklace

Tuesday, June 3 B141627 Cascading Leaves Lariat

Wednesday, June 4 B141649 Edwardian Ruffles Bracelet

Thursday, June 5 B141641 Enchanted Lily Necklace

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